Ferrari Unveils the All-New 296 GTB Plug-In Hybrid

Ferrari debuted it’s new mid-rear engine berlinetta coupe that is “defining fun to drive” on June 24th. It is the first Ferrari road car fitted with the V6 120° engine designed to increase compactness, lower the center of gravity, and reduce mass. The 296 GTB features another Ferrari road car first: a plug-in electric motor. The electric motor pushes the maximum power to 830 cv and delivers immediate throttle response.

The 296 GTB deviates from the fastback berlinetta design we have seen previously from Ferrari. This model has a shorter wheelbase, ring-shaped flying buttress housing the engine compartment cover, and truncated tail which integrates the rear lights and the active spoiler.

To get more details on the 296 GTB, visit Ferrari’s official campaign here.

Credit to Groenlicht

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